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Thread: Martin Magnum Mag Cat with limb torque

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    Default Martin Magnum Mag Cat with limb torque

    I got a Martin Magnum Mag Cat last year and I noticed that my string is getting chewed up on the draw length adjuster. I have attached a picture. You can't tell from the picture but I believe the limbs are torqued just slightly and that is letting the edge of the cam hit the string instead of the string going into its groove.

    Was just wandering if anyone else had seen this with this model bow.
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    Hey Tom, I may be able to shed some light on your problem. The dyna cam that Martin has from my personal experience generally has some sharp edges, especially where you are seeing wear on your serving. I had a new string and cable put on my bow, and within a couple days I had the same chewing up of my serving that I had before. So I went into my pro shop, and they took the strings and cables off of the bow and sanded down the edges of the cam. If you run your finger in the cam groove on the side below the string there where it is chewed up, I guarantee you will feel that it is sharp. See if you can't get your shop to take off the strings and cables and sand down the sharp edges with some heavy grit sand paper. After mine was done and after hundreds of shots, the problem went away. Good luck!

    After looking at that picture again, the amount of lean from the string where it is chewed up is not that much. Something else you can do to help the problem is to take and move your cable guard (the metal rod that holds the cables out) in until it gives about 1/8" of clearance to your arrow vanes. This will help take out some of that lean.
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