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    Smile new shooter

    Hi guys,I just bought/borrowed an older Lynx Magnum with a bunch of access on the bow. I have some quick questions on it. Can I change the bow weight ? How do I find out what arrows I should be using for hunting and 3-d shooting , and I guess along wiht these questions , How do I know what weight I have after adjustments? Tkanks for your help,Ribber.

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    You adjust the weight with the limb bolts.

    The bolts go in, clockwise, until they stop. That is your maximum poundage.
    From there you can shoot your bow with the bolts turned out no more than 5 turns counter-clockwise.
    There should be a 15lb difference between those two extremes.

    To find the right arrows you need to know what weight and draw length you are shooting. Then you look at the arrow manufacturer's charts.

    You use a scale to know the draw weight. You probably don't have one so go to a pro-shop. They can also help you pick out the right arrows.

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    Smile new shooter

    Thanks very much for your help, I'll try backing off the limb bolts a bit and retry it. Ribber

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