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Thread: Woman new to bowhunting

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    Default Woman new to bowhunting

    My husband is an avid bowhunter and I'm wanting to start into it also. I've been looking at the new Cheetah and the Bengal 50# bows. I know the Cheetah is a shorter bow but what other differences are there that might be preferable for a woman shooter (Im 5'4" 25-26" draw). Is there anyone here who has shot both bows that could give me an opinion? My local dealer doesnt have any 50#ers in stock yet (said he is getting them in a month). Any help would be greatly appreciated. My local dealer is wonderful and I dont think he would try and sell me the higher priced bow if it wasnt a good fit, but an unbiased opinion is always good! Thanks!!

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    Default Bengal

    I can't help you with the Cheetah but I own the Bengal. I have a 24.5" draw and the 45# to 60# limbs. Pullng 55# right now. I love this bow. It draws smooth and there is no vibration or jump after the shot. I own 2 other bows, but I harvested my first animal with the Bengal. It was the easiest of the 3 to sight in and get ready to hunt with. Hope this is of some help.

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    Yes it does help thanks!!

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    Default '07 Bengal

    There is a lot of info and you can even watch a Bengal being made on the Wild Extremes Forum. Jump over and take a look.
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