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Thread: 06 Slayer Specs dif than charts???

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    Default 06 Slayer Specs dif than charts???

    This bow is confusing me.
    None of the specs match anything on the Nitrous Cam charts.

    It has 13" limbs, C Cam Nitrous with 2H written on them
    Has a 57.75" string and 39" cables which are not the lengths on the charts
    Drawing at 60#

    I am at 28" draw on std modules.

    I don't seem to be getting the speed it should shooting a 220gr arrow. I might be getting 270 FPS at the most.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Is it possible a dealer changed out the limbs/strings ?

    First & foremost, I hope you are referring to a 220 grain arrow, without adding the point weight. If not you are shooting an arrow with point that weighs only 220 grains total, you are under the IBO minimum and violating warranty. 220 grains total is incredibly light for any weight bow over 40 lbs. For a 60 # bow, your total arrow weight, including point, should be at least 300 grains.

    Have you checked the draw weight to see if it is actually 60 #? According to the charts, 2H limbs will only get 50# on the Slayer Extreme (with correct strings.) I am not sure what effect the shorter strings & cables will give (I assume reduce weight), but if a dealer or someone else tried to "short string" it to give a higher brace height, they could have thrown all kinds of things out of whack. I would suggest you call the Martin factory and talk to Joel or Jake.

    Best of luck,


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    Oops..I meant 320 grains. Anyway, yes I will check with those guys.


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