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Thread: Jaguar Take down being ordered tomorrow (possibly)

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    Default Jaguar Take down being ordered tomorrow (possibly)

    I really like this bow and am really excited to own one. But I have some concerns about the limbs, there seems to be an endless amount of complaints about the limbs on the jaguar. My questions are: Has Martin done anything about it? How do they determine if they are going to send new limbs if the ones i get break? What other limbs will fit the Jaguar?

    I appreciate any feedback. I'm anxious to order it.

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    Order it and don't worry too much. If something happens Martin will replace them. If you string the bow carefully and look after your bow you should not have issues.
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    If you have a good dealer near by then its worth a go. If you are ordering online, maybe a quinn would be a better choice.

    As for your questions, first & second one I'm not sure, wouldn't bother with the last one.

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    Default central new jersey

    Nice write-up. Please, do a follow-up!

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