Hi all-
I'm getting back into bow hunting, which I haven't done since highschool 7 years ago. I used to hunt with a Martin, I can't even tell you what except it was from the late 80's, it was green and the camo pattern was black and brown

I've been snooping around Archery Talk and have pretty much decided on getting a Bengal. Now what? I went to the local Martin dealer and he said he doesn't have any, but a rep is coming in a couple weeks and might have some. He also told me the new ones will be out in a couple months. New ones? Are bows like cars? Can I even get a 2007 Bengal anymore? I would really like to work with this dealer - he set up 8 bows for me that I tried out and he refreshed me on my form, only to have me say "I think I want a Bengal," even though I have never pulled one back

So what do I do, wait for the dealer to call me, keep bugging him, wait for the new bows, or what? I'm new to the whole buying a bow thing and I don't want to be "that guy."

Thanks for any input.