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Bubba I got my Pantera for $479. So it is actually $80 more than the Bengal, but I prefer the longer ATA. Also everyone is gona have a Bengal but how many ppl are gona have a Pantera. I will get mine 1st week in December ,but the wife says it is a Xmas present and I have to waite till Xmas to open it. Lets see how long that will last, hopefully I will have pics the 1st week in Dec .

I think you might see more Pantera's than you are anticipating, but the Bengal will outsell them.

By the way, I just got a call from Cathy and she says I should have mine in a week or two---Pantera that is. What cam system you getting? I happened to luck out and am getting the Furious X cams. 27" draw, about as long as the Furious will go. That also means the best efficiency and speed from the cam.
Was going to get black magnum limbs and Chameleon riser, but seems the riser would be a real pain in the arse so I guess I'll have to settle for camo.

Now what color strings am I going to order?