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    Gobi Muncher

    Default Arrow Flight ?

    Hello all,
    New to the site and to Martin Archery! This year I purchased a Martin Cougar and so far love it!! Anyway, down to my problem and since I know just enough to make more problems I wanted to ask the pros before I tinker too much more.

    Just went back to fixed blade broadheads (Muzzy 3 blade 100 grain) from the Spitfires. I liked the damage that the Spitfires caused, but I haven't gotten a pass through in 3 deer! I am shooting a 30 inch arrow at 75 lbs draw, I haven't ever had trouble with pass throughs before, anyway........

    Here's the problem, my field points were hitting right on the money and the broadheads were hitting 6" low. So, after tuning the broadhead to the arrow(I used the regular blades, not the practice ones that come in the pack), moving my nocking point down a touch, the muzzy's are hitting perfect, BUT now my field points are hitting 6" high and to the right. I shot several groups of broadheads and field points........same results.

    Did I take my bow out of tune for the broadheads? Do I wait until season is over and resight the field tips for out of season shooting? Any ideas?

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    Default Same Problem

    I had the same problem with mine this year when I had first started shooting. I am shooting Crimson Talon 100 Grain and they were dropping about the same as yours. I ended up having to cut the arrows down one inch and it corrected the broadheads to 2 inches low and to the right of my field tips. Dont know if I helped, but it worked for me.

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    I had a similar problem. I WAS shooting goldtip 55/75 with muzzy 100 gr bh's. The Bh's were hitting about 6" low and 4" left. I found out the the arrows where underspinned. I am now shooting easton 340's and they are hitting in the same group. I would check the spine of your arrows.

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    Gobi Muncher


    Thanks for the replies guys!! Please excuse my ignorance, but is the spine indicated by the second set of numbers on the shaft? I have both 2512 and 2514 shafts (which are recommended by the Easton chart), and both act the same as far as flight and impact. I shot again with the broadheads and they are hitting right on. So I think that I will finish the season (either with a deer or end of season) and go from there. The spine of the arrow will be the starting point.
    Thanks again!!


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    I need to know what cams you have, your draw length and tip weight (grains your field point/ broadheads are). Also weather or not you are using a release aid or fingures and if you are set on using aluminum arrows or are open to using carbon. Let me no what you have and I will see what I can find out for you.
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