Hi guys,

brand new to the forum and soon to be an owner of a 2010 Martin Bengal (it's on its way).

I'm so excited. Right now I have a very old compound bow (American Archery - Pantera). I started archery last June after my dad gave me his old bow. Well, I am now ready to graduate to a new bow and after more than month researching, I decided that the Bengal would be a great buy for me.

Now, I wasn't suppose to buy it the before January, but with the new price list, I couldn't let this one go. So now I am looking for accessories to add.

1st Question: Does any of you use the QAD arrow rest? Just want to make sure Bengal's owner see it as a right fit.

2nd Question: Because of the price the QAD and the fact that I wasn't suppose to get the bow before January, I won't be able to afford it right away. So my question is, can I just get a plastic tab meanwhile? How about off the shelf, is that possible with a Bengal or is it only with recurved and long bow?

Sorry for my ignorance, still new at it.