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    Default Slayer Extrem

    I was wondering if it's possible to get 80# limbs on a Slayer through the Martin custom shop???

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    You can, but WHY? If you Slayer has Nitrous cams, they work best at the 60-65 lb. range. Anything over that is overkill and the Nitrous cam is alot harder to turn over. 80-90 lb. limbs seem to be the rage today. At my local archery range, we have the holes in the ceiling to prove it. All the people who have to point there bow straight up in the air to just pull it back.

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    Fastest Fury


    I was wondering about the same thing for my Fury, Nothing like slinging a 600 gr arrow at a moose at 300fps.

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    I can't understand why any bow would shoot best at any certain weight range.

    It makes sense that limbs would shoot best when maxed out, although I doubt if it's enough to matter.

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