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    I have a 2009 Martin MOAB. The manual is vague in terms of describing what to lubricate and what lubricant to use. Any additional information in terms of brands of lubricants and where I should lubricate would be appreciated.

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    Default Bow lubrication

    There's not a lot that needs caring for. I have a 2 or 3 bows of 10 years old that have not had a thing done to them except for replacing worn strings. Still after a couple years taking one down to inspect and clean axles and possible debris under the limbs wouldn't hurt. Sealed bearing are just that, sealed and don't require lubrication. Axles can be cleaned if rusted or corrision is visible. [my two cents]
    From the manual

    Care And Storage

    When properly cared for, your new Martin bow will give you years of trouble-free service.

    When your bow is new it will require no lubrication. Over time you may need to lubricate your cams to guard against friction and noise. Use a dry lubrication such as Teflon spray powder or graphite powder. You can also use wet lube such as Moly Lube or Tri-Flow. [white grease is good and even House hold 3 in 1 - be sparingly]

    Do not use WD-40 lubrication. [Believe it or not WD-40 dries out.]

    A good rule of thumb when caring for your bow is to keep it as comfortable as you are. If it is too hot for you, it is too hot for your bow. If it gets wet, dry it off completely. Periodically clean your bow with a wet rag and mild soap to remove mud or dust (caution: do not store until completely dry).

    Prolonged exposure to extreme heat may cause failure in your bow limbs and excessive stretch in your harness system. It will not hurt your bow if it is rained on while shooting, but make sure it is completely dry before storing in in a bow case to guard against rust or corrosion. [One of the worse things to do is leave a bow in closed vehicle when weather is warm to hot]
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    wow, thats straight oout of the manuel!! like word for word!!!
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