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    Default Wild Turkey Feather Spiral Flu Flu's

    Step one, harvest said bird ! Once you get that done the rest is easy...
    I removed the whole wing, took each feather off later in the year.

    I split the quill with an exacto knife, in the natural crease.

    Then stand it on edge, looking down at feather edge you will see the curve of growth.
    Trim any extra quill away on both sides to blend quill base to match the mid portion. Keep knife parallel to feather creating a square bottom..
    ( be sure to trim close enough to thin quill so it will bend. I tested it by trying to make a circle with out causing any kinks in the quill ) be sure to leave a tag end on base on quill.
    I used my fletching jig's stright clamp to hold feather while I sanded the bottom of quills spongey core to a thin flat layer...
    keep it on the same plane .. ( I used 320 wet/ dry) be carful paper will try to grab feather so sand slow and easy..not trying to remove metal here re test with circle technique.. once your happy with it move on to step 4

    I tried to apply a straight feather to an arrow and it worked out ok, but was not the best way.. Latter found if I pre wraped quill around shaft and split feather barbs to make up small sections it was easer.. either way works

    First deside where you want to start at nock end. then tape tag end in place to start your wrap again ( if you did the pre wrap method)
    I had the wife run the glue bead while i held tight on feather an slowly turned arrow shaft.

    Once wraped up, tape the end down. set aside to dry I let 'em set a few hours then I removed tape , trimed tag ends off, added a drop of glue on each..let that dry and went shooting I'm getting 40 yds max on a leval shot out of my Fury 48lbs@ 28" but I pull 31
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