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    Smile rattled in a brute

    I was out monday morning and it was cold and calm, decided to do some rattling. Im hunting a menonite turkey farm but they grow everything. My stand is about 50 yards off of a harvested soy bean field into the woods. From my stand I can see the opposite side of the field roughly 500 yards. I did a grunt and rattle sequence didnt see much. So I did another, started glassing the field and there he was about 15 yards out of the opposite side of the woods. Did some more rattling, he started heading straight for me, stopped to check some does, I rattled again and he started jogging toward me! He stopped about 10 yards from my edge of the woods to feed (60+ yards from me.) I gave a couple soft grunts and again he headed right for me. He came into the woods of course to the wrong side of a dead fall, I had him ranged at 43 yards, he stopped and I drew, unfortunately I felt that it was just a few yards out of my comfort zone, thought I might get him closer with another grunt. He circled around me, caught my wind and that was it! His tail waving bye to me the whole way...Wow, thats what its all about. Would you guys have taken the shot? Maybe I should have. Gonna lose some sleep on this one!

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    Default Maybe

    Thats bowhunting, and why I love it! So almost, 'come on, take another step. No, no. not that way, come around the deadfall my way' If I had a clear 43 yder at a relaxed buck, I definately take it. "go ahead, big boy, put your head down" But your buck came looking for a fight. Most likely a bit tense, all senses on high alert. At time like that, any sound might set him off, and he'd jump the string on even the fastest bow, especially on a calm morning as you describe. Nice ratttle sequence, I think you handled the situation correctly. So much better to watch a healthy buck wave bye bye than gut shoot him. Its a farm, human scent is'nt unusual for him, he'll be back. Can you set your stand a bit closer to the deadfall? Coming in to the rattling and grunts, he is going to try to get downwind on you. Cut him off. If you are allowed to, move something in his way, make him change direction, and come around that deadfall in your direction. So get a good night's rest and get back on him tomorrow. And Please post pics, we'd all like to see some brute pics, right guys?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elkslayer4x5 View Post
    And Please post pics, we'd all like to see some brute pics, right guys?
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    I would have took the shoot. But I feel comfortable up to 50 if he's not alerted. But If it was out of my comfort range or deer was alerted. NO I wouldn't. Nice to see that you didn't take the shoot because it was not right for you. I respect you for that. I no a bunch of idiots that would have took the chance even though they didn't feel comfortable.

    Theirs always tomorrow.
    Much Respect to you. ROB

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    Default giving it another try

    I'm going back out to the same farm this afternoon to give it another shot! We have had heavy rain and wind the last couple days and hopefully it gave him a bit to settle down. I'm pumped, that's definitely what draws me to bow hunting. Hopefully I'll have some pics of him soon enough!!

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    yes sir thats why we do it ...good for you get on him again
    how did you sleep. me I would have been sung as bug knowing I did the right thing. tomorrow is another day as you will soon find out, hope you get your shot... stay calm an shoot true..
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    CONGRATS first of all! And yes you did the right thing! I would have passed for sure if I wasn't comfy too.

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