I was out monday morning and it was cold and calm, decided to do some rattling. Im hunting a menonite turkey farm but they grow everything. My stand is about 50 yards off of a harvested soy bean field into the woods. From my stand I can see the opposite side of the field roughly 500 yards. I did a grunt and rattle sequence didnt see much. So I did another, started glassing the field and there he was about 15 yards out of the opposite side of the woods. Did some more rattling, he started heading straight for me, stopped to check some does, I rattled again and he started jogging toward me! He stopped about 10 yards from my edge of the woods to feed (60+ yards from me.) I gave a couple soft grunts and again he headed right for me. He came into the woods of course to the wrong side of a dead fall, I had him ranged at 43 yards, he stopped and I drew, unfortunately I felt that it was just a few yards out of my comfort zone, thought I might get him closer with another grunt. He circled around me, caught my wind and that was it! His tail waving bye to me the whole way...Wow, thats what its all about. Would you guys have taken the shot? Maybe I should have. Gonna lose some sleep on this one!