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Thread: Archery Pro Shops (Eastern NC)

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    Still can't register, (can post new threads but can't respond to this thread or any thread or any post) so I'm a bit at a disadvantage here when it comes to follow-up on comments and questions, so my oligopolies in advance. (kick rock)

    I would like to hear from anyone living in East/Central NC, (or anyone for that matter) who might recommend to me a good, full service shop or serious hobbyist man/shop, in the area of Havelock/Jacksonville/New Bern, that can help me rig my new (bare-bones) 2010 Martin Bengel. Will need all the usual accessories (sights, rest, quiver, stabilizer, arrows, broadheads matched to field tips, mechanical release, etc.) to make this bow into a hunting bow (mostly deer).

    Great info here on the forums, but I'm sure I'll need some personal service, (at least initially) and don't have a problem paying a reasonable fee for this valuable service. Particularly looking for some place and/or someone with a fairly broad knowledge of current bow hunting accessories and able to help me decide which to use, along with knowledge of how to set up and tune the bow and make the right arrow/head selections tailored to my purposes, and my physical makeup and personal abilities. Pretty standard stuff I guess.


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    Can't help with the lcation of a pro-shop, but will tell you that most of what you want done can be done fairly easily by you. If you have a set of Allen wrenches there isn't much to figure out when it comes to mounting a rest and sight. In the long run it pays to learn some of this stuff.

    In the inrterim you might try downloading a copy of Easton's Tuning and Maintenance Guide from It explains most of what you need to know about setting things up on a bow and then shows several methods of tuning a bow/arrow combination. You will learn the proper termns to use, too, which comes in handy when asking questions on any forums you frequent, including this one.

    As for registering? Try a phone call to Joel at Martin Archery. Phone number is 1-800-541-8902 for customer service. Hopefully he can set you up. And don't tell him I told you. I think he's about ready to kick me in the behind as it is.

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    X2 Barry. Most of what I've learned is self taught or ask! ask! ask! ask! questions. Saved me a lot of money. Now I am into building custom strings. Who would have known we only started less than Ten years ago. This forum and At have contributed to a lot of learning. So just ask us questions Dave, and I think we can get you and your Bow on your way. Nice choice of bows I own the same bow.
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