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Thread: Martin Pro Series Maverick 3-D Compound bow.

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    Default Martin Pro Series Maverick 3-D Compound bow.

    I was given a Martin Pro Series Maverick 3-D bow. Can you tell me how old this bow might be? There appears to be two cams. Does anybody know what type or make the cams are? Is the draw lenth able to be adjusted on this bow, currently it is at 31". Does anyone know where I might find an owners manual for such a bow? Thanks, GE

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    The bow was produced around the mid '90s. I had one. It was basically the same as the earlier model Firecats, except it was the only Firecat model offered with the Tracer cams, so they called it the Maverick 3D. The cams are called Tracer cams. They used the same modules as those found on the next generation of cams, the Z-cams, and the Dyna single cam. These modules are still available. Look on the module and tell me the number on them, such as 4X,5X,6x, 7X, etc. I have some and may can help you out. What draw length is set at now and what draw length do you need?


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