I have a slayer extreme 06 that I have some questions about...

shooting 60lbs, 27"

lightspeed 400's 27" 100gr tips...I know they're a little on the stiff side but I seem to have had better results with nitrous x with stiffer arrows.

when I paper tune I can get a perfect hole with a bareshaft and fletched shaft at 5 feet and at 10ft and at 10 yards...

but in order to do so, I have to straighten out my bow arm so that it makes contact with the left cables, and it almost looks like at full draw my arrow shaft is closer to the left cables than the right. in order to get the bullet hole, the bow string ilines up with the arrow left of the center of the grip handle.

measured at 14/16" from the riser...does this sound like a spine issue?? or a cam lean issue? I know there shouldn't be any cam lean with nitrous x, but is it possible that the bow string is not straight down the middle of the bow???

if you have any thoughts I would appreciate it!

thanks again!!