Thanks to the guys who told me to go tubeless with me peep sight. I went to the pro shop today and I told him that I shot well over a 100 shots and that I wanted to go without the tube.

A bit reluctant because I got the info of the internet (I guess some of you would understand where comes from). But he still did it. Of course he was right, the peep didn't lined up. This is when he was probably torn between the "I told you so" and the putting back the old system on. So, he tried to turn the string one more time and Bingo!

I got home, tried it for about 30 shots and I love it.

Off topic
By the way, this Bengal is a fantastic bow. I absolutely love it. Very forgiving, smooth and most of all, fun to shoot. As a matter of fact, I'm so happy with my 30 yard grouping that I will try deer hunting this year for the first time in my life. Really excited.