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Thread: value of a mv2

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    Default value of a mv2

    I think it is called a mv2. the bow belongs to my dad. who is selling it due to cancer. the info i have is, martin magnum mv2. it has 5 2413 easton superlite advantage timber with thunderhead 160 tips. Also a trophy ridge hi vise sight with 5 pins and limb savers,case, let off is 65%,cable length is 37 draw is 31, and the bow # is 01-20.

    any info on pricing would really help he needs to sell it to pay bills and asked me to research the value. It is located in kennewick wa. thanks again

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    The bow is a Martin Mean V 2 made around 2001. There have ben to main configurations:
    MV2 with XRG limbs and Fury Cams, ibo around 290, ATA ~39
    MV2 with Magnum limbs, ibo around 310, ATA ~33

    The bow alone wont be worth that much though as bows do not hold their price very well...
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