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    Anyone tried using the Eliminator Pro rear sight. It eliminates the need for a peep sight.

    Seems like with the short distance between the front and rear sight would make it difficult to sight in. Probably like sighting in a pistol (although I have never sighted in a pistol).

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    Default Eliminator Pro

    Never tried one, but I've tried the Rifle Sight for Compound Bows and this Eliminator appears to work on the same principle. The Rifle sight proved to correct sight errors, but for the short testing I was able do I wasn't sold and it was pricey for what it is. The owner of Rifle Sight gave me his book and I'll try to put up some pics.
    The EP looks state of the art, but cosmetics can fool one.
    Probably the thing that works the best on these sights is correcting torque to one degree or another. AND I'm not saying they can't be accurate.
    Tons of archery equipment come out on the market and either fail, sort of remain stagnant or on the up side, embraced by archers and accepted.
    By and large people come of with these items in finding a way to correct some problem they have and it works for them so they try marketing their idea. I would example the Death Grip. This works for some people, but it does not correct the shooter's real problem, improper grip of the bow.

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    This gadget looks good and i like the idea, but all these peep eliminating devices are overpriced. It's cheaper just to put a red-dot sight (especially if you make the mount system yourself).
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    The only problem I see with any of these type of sights is that although they remove the need for a peep they still have a front and rear aiming point that must be aligned. And if you have old eyes like mine it might be a real booger to see them both clearly enough to do so.

    I maybe been shooting too long, but I'm not ready to give up my Verifier lens any time soon. Nor am I ever going back to a square pin guard.

    Besides, with tht short sight radius there has to be some loss of accuracy unless you really put your head in gear while aiming.
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    I have to agree unless the sight is the same length as your draw. It is just like a pistol. Very hard for long shots. Short range maybe ok, but not sure its worth the price.
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    I do have to wonder how well this would work for someone with bifocals like I have. Every year that peep sight gets more blurry if the target is in focus. Think I might try that sight called Lasik. lol

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