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I'm trying to figure out just what you and Hutch are talking about. I too wear glasses with bifocals, but not while I'm shooting. My glasses aren't coated or anything so shooting with them creates enough issues (reflections)that I can't see to shoot with them on. This soon going to be corrected with new glasses.

However, I don't understand the comment about the peep being blurry. I never even look at the peep. In reality I look through the peep so don't even know it's there. If the bow's drawlength is set up right and your anchor is consistent then why do you need to see the peep. Either it's there or it isn't so what benefit do bifocals provide when aiming. You can't see long distance with them and the target is where you should be looking so the peep and sight pin would normally be blurry anyway.

Help me out here.
Now I am trying to figure out what you are talking about Barry. I have bifocal contacts and they are not blurry. They make my shooting a lot easier.