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Thread: Where are you from

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    [QUOTE=Montey Jessey]You will not regret buying a Martin Bow and thats a fact! Happy shooting.[QUOTE]

    you got that right, so far anyway. i`ve shot a lot of bows in my life and all were just fine. but i will give martin a big thumbs up in a lot of categories.
    i can shoot just as well with all the new bows but, i was very impressed with what it could do for half the price of the "other brands".

    [QUOTE=HNSB]I'm also in central MN... Passthrough, where in the state are you at? I'm about halfway between Brainerd and Crosslake.[QUOTE]

    i`m about 40 minutes from brainerd just west of staples on 210.

    i bought my martin at the new beimert outdoors in pillager.
    have you been there yet ?
    if not tell Brent the guy with the website sent you, he will know who your talking about.

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    I've been to Beimert's a couple of times. Brent seems like a good guy.

    Any idea if they've finished the indoor range yet?

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    they haven`t added the 3D targets inside like he has been talking about, but yea it`s been open to shoot for quite some time now.

    he has the 3D course set up out side tho. he got that going the weekend i bought my bow. i haven`t shot it yet, hopefully soon.

    nick showed me how they were setting it up the day i was there.
    he has all the targets on the other side of a creek. you have to shoot across the creek to all the targets from the same side.
    if that makes any sense.
    just about every type 3D target there is, even a bison.

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    Default Where in Maine

    Jon: I'm from Mid Maine also. Shoot MartinTracer Magnum @ 70#. Have bowhuntered longer then you have lived

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    Default Indiana

    I'm from evansville indiana, gettin ready to purchase a brand new martin slayer!! can't wait~

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    Well I live a few miles east of Indiana... to be specific northern parts of Sweden...
    Been shooting Martin for several years. Started with an old Lynx monster and went through Bobcats and Altitudes til weeeel lets say I'm between bows right now
    Actually I run a pro shop in Sweden and we have several different brands which I been shooting for years now but I am on my way to get back on the right track, no worries
    I started archery in 1972.... at the age of 7 and yup you can do the math cheers

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    hi I'm lil from VA. just bought a 2002 courgar fury x. i really like it. BUT, i need a set of no. 1 fury x cams for it. would anyone have a set for sell.

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    hi iam Nathan(my usernames wrong ) from Sydney Australia, iam 15 years old and iam hours away from picking up my first bow ever! My martin saber (camo)! with all the attachments

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    Default Hi all

    Hi all, I'm from Illinois. Out in the cornfields about 70 mi W of Chicago. I also just got my first bow ever (new anyway ) which also happens to be a Martin Saber. Only other bow I've owned is an old Martin Lynx which is now for bowfishin' only.

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    Metal Mick

    Default Greetings from sunny Australia

    Hi all,

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia. That's a largish city on the south-east coast of the mainland.

    I'm very fond of my Shadowcat (2005), with Nitrous Bs and Elite limbs, and just hanging out for a 2006 model...

    I shoot target, running around 54 lb draw weight and with a 30.5" draw length. I shoot 410 spined X10s for target and will shortly try out my Carbon Express Medallions for field work.



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