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Thread: Where are you from

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    I'm from W Tn. I just bought a 40 ac farm in Dec of which about 30 ac are wooded I have a spliit limb Rage and a noisey Cougar Magnum bought with the fusion cam. I'll be using 1 or both bows to thin some whitetails off my property in 5 weeks.. ( I hope lol)

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    My name is Barry Fisher. I'm 59 years old, been shooting compounds for 32+ years and am a Silverstar Shooter for Martin.

    You won't find me on here much. I spend gobs of time on Archery Talk, Bowsite, Hunting.Net under the name bfisher.

    Right now I'm shooting a P3 Elite, 27", 53# for target and 3D.
    Getting ready to dig out the ShadowCat SE, nitrous X for the hunting season.

    Just thought I'd say hello to all you youngsters and welcome you to the wonderful world of Martin Archery.

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    Default saber

    Hi im 45yrs i live in Cairns north queenland australia,i have an 07 martin saber se bow it is fitted with a whisker biscuit tru glo 3 pin sight,8 arrow martin quiver, wrist strap, d loop, stablizer,and limb saver's, i am very happy with it.
    my son is 11yrs he has a fred bear sparrow hawk 2, my daughter is 14yrs she has a Alpine elite,and my wife has a OMP recurve,we enjoy shooting targets in the back yard, and pig hunting when we go camping..

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    Hello I am Russ 46 from Gresham,Oregon have only been into archery for a short time but trying to learn as much as possible and to like Martin bows had a Razor-X SE but lost it to a Ex LOL but will soon have another one.

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    Default I hail from Georgia for now

    Hello everyone, I hail from Georgia but am looking to get relocated early spring of next year to Tennessee. I am 48 as of the 27th of November and I have a family of 6. 3 Boys raning in age from 17-2 and 1 daughter of 15.I was introduced to compound bow shooting about 13-14 years ago by Mr. Dee Wilde of Wilde Arrow in Idaho Falls Idaho. I was so green I didn't know what a riser was but Dee took mercy on me and never cracked a grin at my lack of knowledge.

    I love archery and hunting with bow and arrow but I haven't ventured in to the world of 3D shooting yet.
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    hi i am from southern IL I shoot a martin magcat 29 in.dl 65 lb.


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    From Wisconsin........Just bought a used Scepter 2 for indoor spot shooting.

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    The Topic seemed to be buried times ago but now i will post myself. :P

    I'm Simon from Germany, the city is not important as noone here may know any city here (Beside Berlin maybe. But hat is around 500km away..). :P
    I have been shooting bows for around ten years now but switched to compound not more than half a year ago.

    I shoot a Martin Razor X 06 and i am really proud of it. I love this compound.
    Unfortunately bowhunt is forbidden in germany and most of the european states.
    (2) Hoyt PCEXL

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    my name is chris 16 years old Estero Florida, i just got a new martin jag from bass pro about a month or two ago i love it shoots like a dream fast and accurate havent gone hunting yet but will be going caribou hunting next season

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    Default J-Daddy

    The name is Jason, I live in Lake City Iowa now, 34 years old, and I now own a Martin Slayer Extreme.

    Hey Martinjag008, I use to live in Estero,FL too...I had a house there on the Stoney Brooke Golf Course at the Estero exit across from the Outlet Mall. I hated that place,lol...I'm glad to be in Iowa now.

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