I had a request for info on my new bengal when I got it. Got it yesterday, sweet! I shoot 26 1/2 in draw and the draw weight was 63 lbs. I think. My pride at 57 lbs. and 26 in draw with a string loop shot 225fps. The bengal shot 250 plus. The pride has fury cams so is was rated pretty fast ,315 IBO. I am shooting easton 2213 camo hunters with 100 grain points total weight is 415 grains. I didn't get the string length yet, it wasn't on the bow so I have to wait until my dealer gets back to me after he talks to Jake at Martin. He's the one that built the bow for me. The speed is at least 10fps faster than I had planned on so all the better. I want to thank Ron and Norm at Alpine archery in La Grande for getting me this special bow and for setting it up for me. They machine tune any bow you buy from them for free.