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Thread: . . .and I'm shooting 50 yards

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyThomas View Post
    Elk has pointed out something. It is far easier to come down on a target than go up. If sighted in low, full draw and all, your muscles are tense and hard to make things go up.

    Then, people want to see the X or center of the target and get the jitters/shakes trying to make the pin settle in the center or and freeze low.

    Again, some do things to get the best of both as I replied prior to this. Let the pin floating in the bottom of the bull's eye. You have the in the bottom to gage and can see the center of the target. Won't work for 3D though unless you have Superman's eyes and can see the 10, 12 or 14 rings.
    That's what I mean about getting old, Sonny. At 30 yards or so I can't even see the 3D 10 ring on a deer even though I'm sighting through a 4X scope lens.

    You are right about one thing. I try to come down on a target, too, but if the pin drops low I just let down and start over. It's just too hard to physically and mentally bring that pin back up. Something I learned many many years ago. As I get older though the mental discipline to let down doesn't seem to stick in my mind as well......either that or I'm just getting plain stubborn and my scores reflect such. I'm working on it though.
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    I went to the range and did a test and recorded my scores.
    50 yards- 30 shots (5 rounds of 6 arrows): score 139 (max 300). "Going up" were my best results (38 and 37 out of a max of 60). I'll work on that more tomorrow.

    At 30 yards- 30 shots: score 204. What the score doesn't say is the grouping was good, but high on the right. (too bad I can't show you my iPod for you to see)
    I didn't do any adjustments because not that long ago, I was shooting left.

    I have this app on my ipod that allows me to record my shooting. Great to see my groupings and the improvements . .. when there will be.


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    If one time you were shooting left, but now you are shooting right, without any adjustments, I'd say you might be torquing the bow a little. This is provided the bow has been well tuned. I'd try working on my grip a little. No need to even shoot the bow to do this. Just draw the bow back, making sure it's in the exact same place on your hand everytime. Also, make sure your hand is in the exact same place on the bow each time. I've seen a few guys run their hands up and down a grip each time, not realising they were doing it. It varied from barely noticeable, to a good 3/8ths difference, higher or lower. That's gonna change the impact point. Make sure you aren't grabbing the grip...ever. when I first started shooting years ago, I dropped my bow down to it's lowest draw weight, and practiced my grip and form that way. Get alot more draws at a lower poundage per day before you tire.

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    SG good on you for not ajusting your bow...a lot of guys would have .
    An barry I wont even go into failing eye sight..Im Diabetic it changed almost over night.. when workin on my bow I end up running out to shoot it an realize I still have glasses on.. found out i can
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