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    the site wouldn't let me post a reply to my original thread since i'm not registered, but here's a link to photobucket with all the pictures i could take of the bow. i did get the messages about it being a 2007 or 2008 model. i didn't think it would be that new considering what i got it for (aprox 145 plus shipping). it is in excellent shape and i'm especially excited to start shooting it considering i'm just getting into the sport and the bow i was shooting is a 1975 browning woodsman that is set at a 30" draw length and 65 lbs and i shoot a 27.5" and a 55 lb, so this is great. the new one even has a let off (i can't adjust the woodsman at all and i can't draw it back enough to get it to break over).

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    OK, I'm late with my post on your original thread. I'm sorry about you not being able to register. Please be patient as I have been trying to get hold of admin to get this straightened out.

    Don't fret too much. The bow you got has to be either 2007 with a 2008 cam or possibly a 2008 model (with draw stop). Sounds like you made a very good deal for yourself. As you know, it'll fit much better and is 30 years newer so you're going to end up a happy camper.

    Now I have to check your photobucket link.
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    Well, it's either a late 2007 or an early 2008 model - the cams are grey, but have a draw stop This isn't so important. The bow is good, have a nice time with it. I'm not 100% sure but i think the cam needs a little adjustment. By the way i have the same stabilizer - made in Taiwan. I've found that it works better if you add some rubber to it. I have mine drilled and threaded in the front and in the hole i've put a threaded steel rod with 3 heavy pieces of rubber (from a walking cane). It works better so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    the new one even has a let off (i can't adjust the woodsman at all and i can't draw it back enough to get it to break over).
    Yes, your Jaguar has a let off, 80% to be exact. You will notice a big difference in shooting your Jaguar in comparison to the Woodsman.
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