I have a 2005 Shadow Cat with Nitrous X cams, and shoot tru cables. 29" draw, 52 lbs., 40-60lb model, Goldtip Xt Hunters 5575, 100 grain tips, 30" arrows, Bodoodle Rest, Impact Archery Cosmic sight. This is a real tack driver for a bow, but it vibrates really, really bad. I bought it new in April of 2006. Didn't vibrate for the first month or so, then started and my proshop can't figure it out. Any suggestions? I forgot to mention that I have Batwings on the string, I have a Limb Savers s-coil, and a Specialty Archery stabilizer. We have done everything but put new strings and cables on. The bow has about 500 arrows through it.