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    I have a 07 Bengal, M-pro cams, 30" draw, 65-80 carbon arrows, 125 gr. field tips. I am currently useing a Whisker bisquit rest....

    My bow is shooting 263 fps. I thought I should be a bit closer to 300 fps. The advertised speed is 310 fps.
    Could my Whisker bisquit be robbing me of 47 fps?
    Is anyone else useing the same rest on their Bengal?`
    I plan to drop my arrow weight a bit, the 65/80 were from my retired Bowtech Samson. I don't think that will make a lot of difference in my speed!
    Any help would be appreciated...
    If you are thinking about buying a Bengal! Do it? They are awesome! And yes you can compare it to the Mattews Xt...My friends Bengals out shoots his Switchback XT in speed with a 28" draw, for a lot less money...
    I also shoot a Saber, although not quite as smooth as the Bengal, it is an incredibal bow for the money.

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    For starters you need to be more specific. What is the draw weight of your bow? 65-80 carbon arrows doesn't tell anybody much. There are heavy carbons and there are light carbons. How heavy the point is doesn't make any difference.

    Here's some ideas. You can't compare and expect to achieve comparable results to the bow's IBO rating unless you shoot at those specs. That means 30" draw, 70 #, 350 grain arrow, and NOTHING on the string.

    So with 125 grain points what do your arrows weigh? Fletching style and size doesn't matter. Only the total arrow weight. You want speed you shave the weight by shooting lighter arrows---at 5gr/lb.

    What all do you have on the string? Kisser button will lose you 4 fps. Peep will cost you about 3 fps. Peep with rubber tube will cost you about 8 fps. Do you have any brass nocksets on the string? Subtract 4 fps for each one. How about a string loop, got one? There goes another 3 fps. String silencers can cost a couple (leeches).

    Have never done the testing but have heard that the Whisker Bisquit can cost about 7 fps. Then some others say only 2 fps. I know I gained 4 fps going from a launcher rest to an Infiniti Drop Away (less friction).

    You don't need all the center serving that's on the string. You only need about 3" of it. Any more is extra weight on the string.

    Not always but sometimes you can get more speed by getting good aftermarket strings. I know when I stripped the stock strings off my ShadowCat last year and put a good set made from BCY 8125 on it gained 11 fps. On the contrare my new target bow didn't gain a thing. And so it goes.

    What I'm saying is that if you are setting this bow up for hunting (likely) then you'll never approach IBO speeds. But look at some of the things that rob the bow of speed and you can see where it's maybe possible to pick up 20 fps.

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    Default Bengal

    Thank you very much for all of the information, very educational. As for the bow weight! I Thought I put that in my tread, but your right its not their. Bow weight is #70, have the two leeches that come stock with the bow, Peep sight (No tubing).Knock loop,(No brass). As for arrow weight, I am not sure I will have to check and get back to you! As for the set up, it is for hunting, and the IBO is not really a huge concern to me. I feel that shooting accurate is always more important....Otherwise you can MISS very fast,eh!
    I was planning on an arrow change, and that may just be the ticket. As I mentioned in the tread, the arrows currently being used are the ones I had shot from a 80-100# bowtech Samson. Probably a bit heavier than I need with the new bow. Thanks again for your time and great info.

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