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    I love my new Bengal it is an incredible bow. With features found on bows costing almost twice as much...I also own a Saber, and although it does not shoot quite as smooth as the Bengal, it is hard hitting and VERY accurate! A tough choice to chose which I will taking hunting each time! Like having two great water dogs, and leaving one at home...

    My Bengal set up with a 30" draw and Whisker bisquit rest 65/80 carbon arrows, 125 gr. fld point. Shooting 263 fps.! Could the rest be robbing that much arrow speed? 47 fps off the advertised 310 fps? I expected to be a bit closer to 300 fps! What rest do you recommend for hunting? Thanks

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    The advertised IBO speed is 70lbs, 350gr, 30" draw.
    I imagine your arrows are quite a bit heavier than 350gr, my 45/60s are heavier than that at 26". Every 5 grains over costs around 1fps.
    You don't say what poundage you are pulling. Each pound under should cost about 5fps.
    Any weight on your string, peep sight, nock sets, silencers, string loop, etc. will cost speed.
    Nock fit will also cost speed.

    You'll never get a bow fast enough to beat a deer so I suggest not worrying so much about speed. Set the bow up so it shoots right and is reliable. I don't like them but Whisker Biscuits are supposed to be very reliable.

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    Default Thank you

    for your reply. And I agree completely with you on speed! Accuracy and confidence are key, missing the target at HIGH speed, is still a miss! "Any bow good bow, shoot'em good"
    I was just surprised when it shot 263 fps. I am not sure of my arrow weight! My Bengal is set at 70#, Peep (no tubing),Loop (no brass),two stock string dampners, stock string. Pretty much out of the box, except for the sights,loop, and whisker bisquit...
    Thanks again for your insight, have a great weekend

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    Here are the speeds I got @ 29". My bow scale is cheap so the draw weights are rough.

    362gr - 280 279 279
    477gr - 247 246 246
    507gr - 238 238 238
    575gr - 225 225 225

    362gr - 284 284 284
    477gr - 250 250 249
    507gr - 241 241 241
    575gr - 228 229 228

    362gr - 289

    String loop, silencers and peep each cost 1fps on average.

    The original strings had loose serving so nock fit was going between too tight and too loose. The fastest speed I saw at 70-71lb/362gr was 296FPS, lowest speed at the same weights was 289FPS, nock fit can make a big difference.

    The 362gr arrows are 4560 Terminator Lites @26". 30" with those should be something like 40gr heavier.

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    Thanks again, I will play with my arrow weights abit, since the ones I am useing are probably stiffer than I need for this weight of bow. Also I am installing a fall away rest, as the bisquit is warping my fletching. Half the fun of archery is the experimentation and tuning, looking for the most accurate set up...Thank you again for all of your help.

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