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Its not safe to excede the factory preload as it puts undue stress on the limbs, often resulting limb failure ( Stress cracks at the forks ). If your Firecat is a 70 # and is peaking at 73 #, I would'nt put any more preload on the limbs. As for your cams leaning to the left , some of that is normal on a bow with a cable slide rod, as long as the string isn't trying to climb out of the string grove of the cam. They should be pretty straight, but thats difficult on a short a2a bow like your 32.5 A2A bow, thats an acute angle that the cables are being pulled to, gets even steeper as you come to full draw, and for that reason it is hard to eliminate all of the lean. But if it is excesive, add a few twist to the right side of the cable yoke, top and bottom, just try to keep the string in the middle of the grove.
on a S3 with shoot thru
b cams
I cannot get the cams to come off together
1/8 inch no matter which side I go from
Any suggestions
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