Good advice by these guys. Especially the one about volunteering to help with the shoot. Many people never help because they may not have the time or are just lazy. They may have no idea of the work involved in setting out targets and tearing them down after the shoot. Then there's always need of kitchen help. So many small things. Getting involved gets you on his good side and those of others. You'd be amazed at how many good firends you make.

Hopefully, if you have a club like mine there will be as many as 15 people setting targets and almost as many tearing down. This way it goes quick and nobody has to do a ton of work.

So many times you'll hear people complain about one aspect or another concerning a course. These are generally people who show up at a lot of shoots, have their fun and leave. They never get involved in the work and can't appreciate the efforts of others, but they'll always have something negative to say.