so im new here. havent been lurking at all. found this from the martin website and i thought this was just the ticket. anyway, my name is zach and im in the army stationed in new jersey. thats about it, other than im just getting into bow hunting. which leads into my first question, i bought a martin bow from dicks sporting goods back in 2007 and was wondering what the speed on this thing is. it has the m-pro cams, 60# draw weight and the F-5 module. also, i was wondering what the other anchor points are for the the bottom cam. you know the ones labeled 1, 2, and c. basically wondering about the 1 and 2. anything else you can tell me about this bow would help too, like what the f-5 module is. i never got a mod kit from dicks. and the martin website has little to nothing about the wildcat. thanks in advance for any input you guys have.