I have a warthog that i sent to martin back in the spring for some tuning they did a pretty god job it was a lot better then it was in shooting 312 with 385 grain arrow at 70lbs with 29" draw.still i think a little slow but OK.now after deer season I shot it through the crono and was only getting 285-290.with same set up .I then turned it down to 60lbs and a 300grain arrow and am still only getting 300 out of it which i may be wrong but still sounds slow to me.I called Joel and all he could tell me is i need to make sure the cams are perfectly timed buy letting some one pull it back or a draw board. my dealer has looked at it and said that my cables are going across my mods in the same place by looking at the screw holes so it should be alright. I have now problems with them and trust them to do anything.but am wondering if any one has pics of what they should look like at full draw or at rest. also my string is bare except for a kisser,D-loop,and that's it.