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yes i went through and took string and cables off remeasured them re installed and checked brace and ata and still same results the sts is stuck right were it is me and pro shop has tried it move it and adjust it but just messing it up doing it .
I had a couple WH's go thru the shop but I don't remember how the stabilizer/sts holes lined up. On some of the Martin/Ryteras the holes are directly in line and drilled all the way through.
I've ran into a few where the sts rod was stuck in place, what happens is when the set screws are tighted down it causes a slight deformation,burr on the rod. If the holes go all the way thru and are inline, you can insert a drift/punch from the stab side and tape it thru with a hammer. I've had to do this on a couple of them in order to get them out. Be carefull not to damage the stab threads while doing this.
Once the sts rod is out, use a fine emery cloth/sandpaper and smooth the burrs down. You may also want to take a small fine round file and cleanup the sts hole as I've seen a few where the film dip had gotten inside the hole and made for a pretty tight fit. Be patient when trying to remove the rod, it will take some time to get it out.