Elk, here comes my onslaught of questions!

My wing span is 70 3/4" which gives me a 28.3" DL if I use the WS/2.5. My local dealer puts a yardstick to my throat and has me close my hands on the stick which gives me about a 27 1/4" DL. Based on my 5'8" height it is about 27.4". I understand DL formulas and methods are just a starting point and should get you close, but you see I have over an inch between numbers.

I'm a bit confused with the draw length recommendations I've gotten locally. I'm not here to drag anyone's name through the mud. I'd just like to see if someone can explain it to me as the dealer said he just knows what others have liked. I'm not discounting his info as he has Regional, National and International medals. It's apparent he knows how to shoot and set up bows very, very well.

Here is the thing that really throws me. Based on the 27 1/4" yardstick method it was suggested that I may need to go all the way down to a 25 1/2" DL when you add a loop and release. This really makes a difference in suitable bows whether it be a Martin or any other brand.

I understand that the D loop may make your anchor a little farther back but I would think that would be roughly 1/2". Does a release really add another 1"-1.5" and effectively give you that much shorter of a draw?