OK, this just in!!!!!!!!!! Rytera bows for 2011 will have Martin limbs. You'll be able to verify this by looking at the defletion number near the limb bolt. They should be marked with a number and two letters; something like 3HL. If you get one with 3 numbers such as 135, 155 or so they'll be Barnesdales. In other words, the web page is not correct.

whman, I haven't heard about many limb problems on the 2011 bows, but then there aren't too many around being shot yet. Most of the past problems were with 2009 limbs. Hopefully these new ones will hold up longer, but keep an eye out over on AT to see if there gets to be complaints about them.

If you join the Alien Mafia there gets to be some information passed down from JRH60. He says that the new limbs are holding their own so far.