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Thread: What do you prefer for string material?

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    I have Astroflight on my scepter 4 I shoot fingers got a little extra speed seems to shoot better than 452x feels softer to the touch shootting with fingers

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    The Trophy strings on my Firecat seem to be holding up very well. No stretch or rotation at all. I was kinda worried about the way the cables rub on the new TRG system, but the strings seem to show no sign of wear after around 1000 shots. I figured they'd at least show some signs of fuzz by now there. They do pick up some plastic residue from the TRG, but that's easily cleaned off. Just keep the string waxed well in that area, and all seems to be good. I do think that these new Hammerhead strings (Trophy) are at least as good, if not better than anything I've seen in the past. I measured my ATA before I ever shot the bow, and now, 1000 shots later, it's still the same.

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