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    Default Stabilizers

    When you guys buy a stabilizer(hunting)is it for vibration or stabilizing or both.
    Was looking at buying a new one,but was wondering what to purchase.I have a NAP Shockblocker,X-Ring Hydraulic,and Sims coil which are all 6" or under and on bows already,but for my upcoming purchase I was thinking more of a 10" or longer,maybe an Octane.Just like some opinions on what some of you guys are using.

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    Mine are mainly for vibration control. I personally prefer a soft rubber part, like a Doinker lil' bomb, or even a rubber washer against the bow, then a stab added onto that. Rubber washers between every solid part. Since mine are just used for hunting, I try to keep in the 6-8 inch range on length. Right now, I'm actually working on a new stabilizer I have designed, especially for Martin bows. It will be an 8 inch length, but could easily be made longer or a bit shorter. All my Martin bows seem to balance very well with 6-8 inch stabs, so I chose the 8 inch length.

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    I have it just for vibration. As you know the Martin line of bows is very well balanced. I have a small 4.5" simms s coil. It works well for me. But any one of the ones you have named will work well.

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    same here 6" S coil rubber dude on hunting bow replaced a 8" hydraulic. that now resides on the target bow , soon to added to or replaced for a longer one.
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    Default Stabilizers

    I use a 8" NAP Shock Blocker. Enough weight to have bow roll slightly forward and shock absorbing. The Blocker is rubber mounted and has some type of material inside to give a hydraulic effect.

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    Both.....On my Bengal, I have a Simms X Coil (4.5", 5oz) for balance and to help w/vibration reduction. Although I really don't think my Bengal needed much help in the latter.
    Tried the small Simms Mini-S Coil off my son's bow first and decided I wanted tiny bit more weight for just a touch more forward balance.

    Problem I have with longer stabilizers for huntng, is there is just that much more sticking out to bump on limbs and/or snag in brush
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    As deer season is less than 2 months away in SC, I figured I'd bring this one back. I know folks who won't hunt without a long dish up front & side bar, but they spot & stalk. The shots they take are much longer than any I've taken in the dense woods of SC. Personally, I haven't found stabs 12" or less to stabilize my bows. So, 4-8" vibration killers ate all I will use in the woods.

    Heck, I am not sure if one would help or hurt me as the Nemesis is so well balanced, dead in the hand, & close to silent. If I hunt out West, totally differen ball game-essentially a 3D Rig

    I should mention, I will be testing a 4-8" Palmetto State Stabilizer this season (black carbon fiber on my black carbon Nemesis 35 w cable slide.
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