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Thread: I'm back baby!

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    Thumbs up I'm back baby!

    Ok, well the journey was long. I learned a few things along the way. One of which the quality of customer service at the Hutch and Co. wasn't overrated. Thanks Hutch, I love them!

    Second, that David over at Barnsdale Archery was equally accommodating... and patient. Thanks David, the limbs look great, exactly what I wanted! More importantly they shoot great!

    now to that journey of mine: Strings were going, got Hutch to make new ones, bring them to a local shop for install (yeah I'm a newb...I know), guy screws it up somehow so when I test the bow, the cams over-rotate and end up causing limb damage. I'm really happy at that point... did I mention the serving on my new strings gets damaged as well? Ho yeah, very happy! So contact David for new limbs, send the strings back to hutch for repair and wait.

    Got it all done, got a new tech to do the work and........ (drum roll)...... 002.jpg

    Surprisingly that's the best pick of the strings I could manage one handed.... So I'll give it another go tomorrow with a bit of sunlight as backup
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    Yep you did have a long journey but I am very glad to see your up and running!

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    Glad to hear it all worked out and thanks for being patient

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