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@ elkslayer, 28dl, 65#, ST 100gr Mags, cut to 29". According to the GT chart 27" draw at 65# and that arrow length is last for 55/75's but am adding wraps so a little more weight for my possible set up.
eastons shaft slector spits out 400 @ 62-66 lbs and a 340 for 66-72 so that means you are right at the top end for a 400 an bottom of 340..
I like to be on the top side so tweaking a arrow length can stiffen spine. both say the logs 2315's will work too..
http://www.eastonarchery.com/products/selection check this out i use it to compair every chart i look at... easy to swap #### around see what it spits out.. hope this help you out. Not every one can go buy alot of arrows to try so we have to hit it right on 1st try..or just live with what we get