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Thread: Martin makes good!

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    Well I got my new 2010 Firecat TR-1 at the beginning of Dec. I was stoked about it, got a great deal and the bow looked great. Well before I got to fire a shot I noticed a major fray on the string near the idler wheel.(I had pulled it back a few times to measure arrows, line up sights etc.) I then noticed that the idler wheel had a real sharp edge and was very rough with no round edge.

    I was pissed, big high to big low. Oh well I called Martin and got a RA# and sent the bow back. Took awhile shipping, customs, Xmas etc. but I finally got the bow back and am really happy. Martin upgraded the string to the new green and black one on the 2011 bows. They also put on a new idler wheel. So that eased the pain of being bowless for awhile. Thanks Martin. Cheers Roscoe
    My friend bought a Firecat last year and he has the same issue. He took it back to the Martin dealership and they fix the problem in no time. The cam had a very sharp edge and lead to one side. I hope Martin will improve their quality control and stopping these type of human error on their products.

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    Welcome to the Tech Forum, Roscoe. It's nice to hear that CS took care of you. It's also nice of you to post nice comments about it, too, rather than pissing and moaning about a design or manufacturing flaw.

    You can ask around the boards here. The guys will tell you. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

    Right fellows?

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