I know, I know...I've read some similar posts...

...but what significance does an F-5 module have on an '09 Moab? I purchased my bow new, from an authorized Martin dealer. It came equipped with the F-5 module, which is not a module listed as one possible in the group of those available for '09 Moabs!(*) I also have learned that new bows of that genre included the complete set of modules, which I did not receive.

I'm a Martin Guy...In spite of some warranty issues (Joel jumped on this and the service was great)...I like my bow very much. In fact, I've become quite accomplished with it. But I want to know, what is the significance of the F-5 module? Why was it on the Moab I received to begin with? And what use does it have to me now? I have purchased, from a local dealer, an F-6 and F-4 module, which one or both are plastic. I did so to explore draw length adjustments.

(*)the 2009 past spec chart for a Moab does not list an F-5 module as a possible module in the lineup of potential draw length options. The chart specifically excludes the F-5 module, going from F-4 which is designated as a 28 inch draw length module, to an F-6 module of 29 inch draw length.

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