Hey everyone, Does anyone else have a problem with the new TRG system? It appears to me that the TRG and the Hammerhead String are eating each other up on my new 2011 Exlie Bow. I asked the dealer to check with Martin but I am not sure if they really are or not because all I get from them is that they are waiting for a response back from Martin. I have had the Bow a couple of weeks now I first noticed it within a few days and brought it to the dealers attention. They said they would look into it.
Other than that I love the new Exile. It's light and fast! It should prove to be a great hunting bow. It shoots great as long as I do. Meaning that it isn't very forgiving of my shooting sins. I just have to get better if I want it to hit the 10 ring more often.
Also I'm still waiting for the new 2011 online catalog to be available. I want to put on the SOS system because I need to quite this thing down. It is little to loud for my taste.