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Thread: traded for a new Quest, but want to change to TruArc

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    Default traded for a new Quest, but want to change to TruArc

    cams from my dynacams. Any input is appreciated...looking for approx. cost, difficulty, etc. I'd like to pick up speed and smoothness..

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    Cost depends on if you need limbs to keep the poundage or not.
    The 2005 cam charts are down right now so short of someone from Martin or a dealer with the physical charts on hand stopping by you have to either call Martin or wait.

    If you needed new limbs I would figure around $100 give or take depending on your dealer's pricing and magnum or straight. Elite limbs are quite a bit more.
    Then whatever you're paying for strings (I make my own so I have no idea what strings are costing).

    It's not that hard to do if you're at all handy and know how to tune a bow.
    You shouldn't need a press to break down a Martin.
    But if you're at all questionable on doing that, it also wouldn't cost that much to have a shop do it, especially if you buy limbs from them.

    Personally I'd stick with the single cam. I've never been a fan of the hybrid phase and my guess is that others weren't either since it was ended for '07.

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    Default Excellent response!

    I shot a Hoyt hybrid and loved the smoothness...I reconsider, at least for now....
    Thanks kindly!!!

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