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Thread: bh flight tuning prob/w 06 jag

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    I am having a heck of a problem!!! when tuning for broadhead flight. with my target points i was shooting well at all distances w/125 gr feildpoints. i put my muzzy 125 3 blade bh on and i cant even hit the target!!!!!!!! Shooting way low and left. I corrected this problem by moving my whiskerbiscuit up and to the right but I am still having some wobbling probs. Also now when i shoot my feild points at the same point i am hitting way right. i am shooting supercarbon 55-70s @ 65# and 28 inch draw with a release, oh and mag. limbs. It sounds like a similar problem i read about on this sight with the exact bow only difference my string has not broken and i really dont want it to! i am pretty accurate at 20-50 yards but that fishtail is driving me nuts!!! ive done everything in the manual to correct this and just cant quite get it right. I guess my qustion is why am i dead on, exept for the fishtail, with target tips then so off with broadheads? My hunting buddy has a Parker Pheonix and can shoot either target tips or broadheads, without having to change anything, and is accurate with both. I am pretty sure that not eveyone has a 1 foot difference to the left with broadheads and once corrected then a 1 foot difference to the right with a target point. Any help would be appreciated thanks!

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    First of all, it has nothing to do with the bow. I shoot 125 gr. field tips accurately also. I also shoot Muzzy broadheads. I had the same problem where it was shooting low and to the left. The logical thing to do would be to switch to expandable broadheads that fly more like fieldtips, but I didn't want to do that because I don't trust them to open up ( I guess I'm old fashioned). I wanted to stay with Muzzy's. So what I did was use a 100gr. 3 blade and they flew perfectly, the same as my 125 gr. field tips. It worked for me, could also work for you.
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    hey thanx for the info slayer. Only thing is expandables are illegal in idaho! I might be able to get away with 100 grainers though, if I can still make 400 grains. My arrows are just long enough so i get more speed but all I have to do is buy some new ones and try them a little longer and see what happens

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    O had the same problem with my Muzzy 3-blade 100's. The problem was not the bow it was the arrows. they where underspined. Thanks to a friend of mine that retuned the bow and set me up with some proper arrows the BH's are now hitting with the FP's.

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