I am having a heck of a problem!!! when tuning for broadhead flight. with my target points i was shooting well at all distances w/125 gr feildpoints. i put my muzzy 125 3 blade bh on and i cant even hit the target!!!!!!!! Shooting way low and left. I corrected this problem by moving my whiskerbiscuit up and to the right but I am still having some wobbling probs. Also now when i shoot my feild points at the same point i am hitting way right. i am shooting supercarbon 55-70s @ 65# and 28 inch draw with a release, oh and mag. limbs. It sounds like a similar problem i read about on this sight with the exact bow only difference my string has not broken and i really dont want it to! i am pretty accurate at 20-50 yards but that fishtail is driving me nuts!!! ive done everything in the manual to correct this and just cant quite get it right. I guess my qustion is why am i dead on, exept for the fishtail, with target tips then so off with broadheads? My hunting buddy has a Parker Pheonix and can shoot either target tips or broadheads, without having to change anything, and is accurate with both. I am pretty sure that not eveyone has a 1 foot difference to the left with broadheads and once corrected then a 1 foot difference to the right with a target point. Any help would be appreciated thanks!