About a month ago I changed arrows from a GT UL-600 and got out the big GT 22 series for cutting lines. I didn't do a thing with the bow---no extra tuning; just moved the sight to compensate.

Well, I was at the club last night practicing. For once it wasn't too busy so I got the chance to punch a few holes in paper just for giggles. I've been meaning to tune this thing a little as my experience with bare shafts of any size hasn't been good.

OK, so I walk up to the paper and punch three holes in it. Lo and behold it was almost perfect bullet holes. By almost I mean they were just slightly nock high and to the right, maybe about 1/4".

Here's the bow/arrow setup:

2010 Alien Z w/ Hybrix 1.5 cams
42# at 27 1/8" draw length
GKF Star Hunter rest

Arrow are GT 22Pro series
27" shaft w/ standard 22 nocks
Inserts and 125 gr Saunders points
4" Trueflight feathers

The arrows are a 300 spine which at my draw and arrow length should be good up to about 80#, and way way stiff for this puny 42#. I've had similar results with other bows in the past, but you guys tell me. Does this defy logic or what?