Well it finally got warm enough to shoot outside since getting the Bengal and as much as I like it, it already cost me money, lol. Even after reading all the posts about not shooting the same spot I just had to see how good I could group them with just a pin adjustment. With only 30 total shots thru it I have my first ever robinhood. Decided to shoot about 20 more at different spots 10, 15, and 20 yards after that. Could group 4 in a three inch ring at all distances. Others have said with the flatter shooting bows/arrows these days you could use one pin from zero to 20 yds and so I tried it and found I could do it and stay in the kill zone. Did I say I really like this bow. Anyway the question I have did I lose one or two arrows with the robinhood? First time out and don't even have a dozen arrows already. If they were aluminum I wouldn't hesitate to shoot the one but with carbons need advice. Thanks guys.