I started bowhunting last year because my buddy at work said to try it. i bought a used Martin tracer from another guy i worked with. i bought a few trail cameras and was getting alot of pictures of nice deer. i bought my property last year 15 acres. i started planting a few little food plots some clover and brassica. the brassica really took off and the deer were really coming to it. opening day of bow season around dusk 2 does came in but i diddnt get a shot and spooked them away by accident. I was pretty upset because my experience(not a whole lot) told me that once i spooked deer off there, it would be a while before they came back. The plot is 10 yds. wide and 50 yds. long on top of a ridge. it is an old logging trail that i widened and cleared out a little. I live in the hills with no farms within 5 miles. I figured if i got a good plot going the deer would really hit it hard. iwas right. any way i let the spot rest for a week went back and sat in the evening. then a big doe came in she diddnt see me cause i had moved my stand a little. she stopped at 12 yds. i drew and let her have it. i saw blood spraying everywhere. she ran offinto the woods. i waited about 30 min. and started to track her. it looked like a good hit she was quartering away and the arrow looked like it hit her off shoulder. ther was good initial blood, but after 20 yds the blood was gone. i decided to wait till morning. It was pretty cold and there was a good frost so i knew shed be ok. i had to wok till10am the next day. right after work i went after her. i brought 2 people with me we couldnt find any more blood or the deer after 3 hours we were ready to give up. i said "let me look in that thick stuff on my way to the truck." i went in the thck stuff and 20 yds into it there was my deer! My 2 buddies had already looked there twice. the arrow never came out the bottom, so there was no bllod trail to follow. The meat was still good and tasted great. boy i was happy. it almost ended with a different outcome. The deer diddnt go 60yds but withiut a blood trail it was aweful hard to find it. This hunt could have easily ended with a differnt outcome. thanks for reading