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Thread: The ? is what is better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiker View Post
    I still think that is a glitch in the matrix, unless they are offering some sort of new ccs for the '11 Nemesis.
    The '10 Nemys came with a straight rod/slide and there is no way to mount a ccs on one.
    The Alien X and Z will accept either but not the Nemesis.
    I hadn't thought of that. You're probably right.
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    i've got 4 bows with ccs system and an onza 3 with trg, haven't had any problems with either. i like the ccs the best. the cable slide has allways worked great, requires a little more attention than the ccs,[ cleaning cable rod and slide ] when they get a little dirty they jerk and squeak on the draw. i clean the ccs when i change or have the strings off the bow!

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